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The Buzz Archive 2004

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  • Summary of President's Order for Disabled Veterans Businesses -
    President Bush recently issued an Executive Order that strengthens opportunities for service-disabled Veteran business in Federal contracting. Click here for a PowerPoint Summary of the Executive Order. Read more about it in the latest VETS NET newsletter. Get the complete text of the Executive Order here.

  • OVS Encouraged Prior to Other NVTI Training - What better way to acclimate oneself to LVER/DVOP positions, VETS and NVTI than by exploring the Orientation to Veterans' Services resources? Because of the many positive benefits gained by doing so, NVTI is suggesting that participants log into the system, explore it and then take a short quiz about the information contained in the OVS--prior to coming to their first NVTI class. Here's the link to the Orientation to Veterans' Services web.

  • Everything You Want to Know About Resumes - What's the difference between a target resume and an on-line resume? What to say? What not to say? These can be confusing questions to answer, but with this helpful link to the Riley Guide's "Help with Your Resume and CV" (curriculum vitae) it'll be a piece of cake!

  • Interactive Individualized Development Plan - The interactive IDP remains one of NVTI's most requested items for assisting clients, particularly in case management settings. Here's the link to the Interactive IDP document, also found in the Resource Library>Client Job Search>Employment Development.

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