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The Buzz Archive 2011

Former Buzz Items: 2011

  • Employment/Unemployment for Veterans - We hear a lot about the employment and unemployment numbers for Veterans, but the statistics don't always agree. Read former VETS Director of Government and Legislative Affairs, Ron Drach's take on figuring out who has the official numbers and how they shake out for Veterans. Link to the article here...

  • VOW to Hire Heroes Act Signed - President Obama signed The Veterans Opportunity to Work Hires Heores Act of 2011 into law on November 21, 2011. He said, "Back in September, I sent Congress a jobs bill. And in it, I proposed a tax credit for any business that hires a Veteran who’s been unemployed for at least four weeks. I proposed an even bigger tax break if a business hires a Veteran who’s been unemployed for at least six months. And if a business hires an unemployed Veteran with a disability related to their service, I proposed doubling the tax break that we already have in place. Today, because Democrats and Republicans came together, I’m proud to sign those proposals into law. And I urge every business owner out there who’s hiring to hire a Veteran right away."

    Among the key provisions include tax credits to employers who hire Veterans, mandatory TAP for all servicemembers leaving the military and expanding training and education opportunities for older Veterans. Read a fact sheet on this important new legislation.

  • Getting Veterans Back to Work – the Veterans Job Bank - Check out this article from the National Resource Directory for information about the new Veterans Job Bank, which provides a plethora of employment opportunities for Veterans. Link to article here....

  • Report: Homeless Veterans Stay Homeless Longer - A recent report by the advocacy group, 100,000 Homes Campaign found that once Veterans become homeless, they are more likely to stay homeless than non-Veterans. The report is based on surveys conducted over multiple years and showed that while Veterans are 9 percent of the total population, they conprise more than 15 percent of the homeless people surveyed. To read the entire report, link here....

  • Gold Card Services for Post 9/11 Era Veterans - November 7, 2011 marks the start of an important plan to lower Veterans' unemployment and to ensure that service members leave the military career-ready. The announcement included several initiatives including the creation of a suite of Gold Card services for Veterans. The Gold Card provides unemployed post-9/11 era Veterans with the intensive and follow-up services they need to succeed in today's job market. The Gold Card initiative is a joint effort of the Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration (ETA) and the Veterans' Employment and Training Service (VETS) and will become available November 7, 2011.

    Click for more information...

  • 10 Illegal and Legal Interview Questions - Have you ever had a client ask you what a potential employer is allowed to ask about certain topics? To help your customers navigate this sticky road, NVTI trainers compiled a quick list of the most common areas that one might wonder about. Download this helpful document here.

  • Veterans Day 2011 Poster - VA's traditional poster commemorating Veterans Day is available now. Print one out for your events this year -- 11/11/11! See the poster here and also check out the previous years.

  • Keep Your Eyes on Veterans Opportunity to Work Act - The U.S. House of Representatives passed six pieces of Veteran legislation with overwhelming bipartisan support this week “The House of Representatives sent a clear message that not only is support for our Veterans strong, but that we stand together to end Veteran unemployment,” stated Rep. Jeff Miller (FL-01), Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. “The VOW Act is the most comprehensive, thoughtful legislation that has been introduced to get our Veterans out of unemployment lines and into meaningful jobs. We must also get government out of the way and ensure we have the right environment for the job market to flourish once again for all Americans.” Link to House Committee on Veterans Affairs...

  • VA Launches Homeless Outreach Plan - The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will launch a nationwide media and awareness plan, directly supporting Secretary Shinseki’s intent to eliminate Veteran homelessness by 2015, on Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2011, in 28 select U.S. cities and rural communities. A coordinated federal, state and local community effort is key to the launch as well as continuing efforts to dramatically increase awareness of supportive services available to homeless Veterans and Veterans at risk of homelessness and their families. As a result, a critical component of this outreach strategy involves leveraging VA’s relationship with community partners to engage or re-engage Veterans who are homeless or at risk of homelessness with VA services through increased awareness and outreach. See complete press release at va.gov/homeless

  • October is NDEAM - President Obama has proclaimed October as National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM).

    "Utilizing the talents of all Americans is essential for our Nation to out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world. During National Disability Employment Awareness Month, we recognize the skills that people with disabilities bring to our workforce, and we rededicate ourselves to improving employment opportunities in both the public and private sectors for those living with disabilities.

    More than 20 years after the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals with disabilities, including injured Veterans, are making immeasurable contributions to workplaces across our country. Unfortunately, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities remains too high -- nearly double the rate of people without disabilities -- and reversing this trend is crucial." Complete press release...

    Download the 2011 NDEAM poster here.

  • Big Announcement in VETS NET - A special edition VETS NET is ready for your reading pleasure! Inside you'll read about our big news, if you don't already know, information about the mandatory training requirement, TAP redesign and more. Read all about it here

  • Retroactive Traumatic Injury Benefits - The VA is extending retroactive traumatic injury benefits to Servicemembers who suffered qualifying injuries during the period Oct. 7, 2001 to Nov. 30, 2005, regardless of the geographic location where the injuries occurred.

    “Now all of our nation’s Servicemembers who suffered severe traumatic injuries while serving their country can receive the same traumatic injury benefits, regardless of where their injury occurred,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki. “We at VA appreciate the efforts of Congress and the President to improve benefits for our troops.”

    Effective Oct. 1, the Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) Traumatic Injury Protection benefit, known as TSGLI, will be payable for all qualifying injuries incurred during this period. This retroactive benefit is payable whether or not the Servicemember had SGLI coverage at the time of the injury. Read full press release...

  • 10 Tips for Beating Long Term Unemployment - The WorkBuzz at the CareerBuilder.com site has some great ideas for getting back to work after a long period of being unemployed here. These are very sound suggestions, and in fact are along the same lines as the ideas in the Ultimate Job Search for the 21st Century's Stress Management section. If you don't have that series and online workbook, order one here.

  • Hiring Fairs - Check out this US Chamber of Commerce link which provides information to various job fairs for Veterans around the country. More information...

  • Interview Subjects Sought - ICF International and Virginia Commonwealth University are conducting a survey about how to improve the administration of employment focused services under VA's Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) Program. Researchers want to talk with counselors, supervisors, program directors or employers who have directly or indirectly assisted a Veteran or Service Member attempting to return to work after an injury. For more information...

  • Help for Military Spouses - OPM has published final regulations to give military spouses of deceased and 100 percent disabled Veterans as much time as they need to apply for a federal job under the military spouse hiring authority. For more information...

  • Companies Hiring in Large Volume - The Work Buzz on CareerBuilder.com reports some interesting news about some companies that are having a hard time finding the right employees for their businesses. They are looking for a good number of employees! See the entire article...

    Workforce Initiatives for Veterans - In August, President Obama announced a series of initiatives to help Veterans find jobs. Among those initiatives include a "reverse boot camp" for transitioning service members and a Returning Heroes tax credit for employers. Read more...

  • 10 Hardest Jobs to Fill - Check out this interactive chart from Manpower Group, about which job fields are the most difficult to fill worldwide. And take note for your job-seeking Veterans as this survey may provide clues for fields that may need their skills.

  • 10 Steps to a Government Job - for Military Service Members - The GovCentral website has a thorough set of article links to help Veterans secure employment as civilian government employees. It's worth a look. Find it here...

  • HUD, VA to Provide Permanent Housing and Support - U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki announced that HUD will provide $46.2 million to public housing agencies in all 50 states and the District of Columbia to supply permanent housing and case management for 6,790 homeless Veterans in America. Read more...

  • Army Video Educates Wounded Soldiers, Families - This new 10-minute educational video highlights aspects of the Army’s warrior care system. This video walks viewers through the Warrior Transition Unit structure, comprehensive transition plan process, multi-disciplinary team “scrimmage” and career transition options. Media outlets have full permission to rebroadcast the video, which can be downloaded from the WTC website, www.WTC.army.mil.

  • American Time Use Survey - The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released a report detailing how average American's spend their time. Some of the

    -- Employed persons worked an average of 7.5 hours on the days they
    worked. More hours were worked, on average, on weekdays than on
    weekend days--7.9 hours compared with 5.5 hours.

    --On the days that they worked, 24 percent of employed persons did
    some or all of their work at home, and 83 percent did some or all of
    their work at their workplace. Men and women were about equally likely
    to do some or all of their work at home.

    --Self-employed workers were three times more likely than wage and
    salary workers to have done some work at home on days worked--64
    percent compared with 19 percent.

    --Time spent reading for personal interest and playing games or using a
    computer for leisure varied greatly by age. Individuals age 75 and over
    averaged 1.1 hours of reading per weekend day and 18 minutes playing
    games or using a computer for leisure. Conversely, individuals ages 15
    to 19 read for an average of 6 minutes per weekend day while spending
    1.1 hours playing games or using a computer for leisure.

    See complete report...

  • Pilot Program Links Veterans to Jobs in Energy - A new pilot program, called Troops to Energy Jobs, will last approximately two years and will be carried out by American Electric Power and four other U.S. electric utility companies in conjunction with the Center for Energy Workforce Development.

    See press release...

  • OPM Reports that Government Hiring More Veterans - From The Federal Times:

    The federal government employed more Veterans last year than in previous years. But most of those hires are at the traditionally vet-friendly Defense and Veterans Affairs departments.

    The government employed 542,641 Veterans in 2010, or 26.3 percent of the overall workforce, the Office of Personnel Management said in a report issued Wednesday. That is about 30,000 more than the previous year, when Veterans made up 25.8 percent of the workforce.

    The vast majority of that increase came at Defense, which employed nearly 22,000 more Veterans last year than it did in 2009. VA employed almost 4,200 more Veterans in 2010 than in 2009. The report said 42 percent of Defense employees in 2010 were Veterans, as were 27 percent of VA employees.


  • Find More Grant Opportunities - Interested in learning about various employment and training grant opportunities administered through the Department of Labor? Bookmark this site and check back often: www.doleta.gov/grants/find_grants.cfm

  • Read June VETS NET - Check out the latest newsletter, chock full of news and information you can use! See VETS NET now!

  • Where the Jobs Are and Aren't - Give your Veterans the most recent data about which states and regions are adding jobs and which ones are slower to recover. This info comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    Check it out at bls.gov/news.release/archives/laus_05202011.pdf

  • Labor Market Information Center - The Career One Stop site has a great sub-site for labor market information (LMI). This is critical for transitioning service members and job seeking Veterans! Check it out at www.careeronestop.org/lmi/lmihome.asp

  • New VA Program for Caregivers - The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) published the interim final rule for implementing the Family Caregiver Program of the Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act 2010. This new rule will provide additional support to eligible post-9/11 Veterans who elect to receive their care in a home setting from a primary Family Caregiver.

    “We at VA know that every day is a challenge for our most seriously injured Veterans and their Family Caregivers,” said VA Secretary Eric K. Shinseki. “I know many Veterans and their Family Caregivers have been waiting anxiously for this day and I urge them to get their applications in as soon as possible so they can receive the additional support they have earned.” Read full press release...

  • Better for Laid Off Workers to Try New Fields? - A CareerBuilder.com survey found that perhaps employment opportunities are looking brighter and that it may be advantageous for job seekers to look in new fields for work.

    "Job searches are improving, particularly for recently laid-off workers. Of surveyed workers laid off from full-time positions in the last year, 59 percent already found new positions, a 4 percent improvement over last year.  Fortunately, 90 percent of these workers found new full-time jobs, and 10 percent found new part-time jobs.

    According to the survey, 60 percent of laid-off workers who found new jobs found them in a new industry. In 2010, only 48 percent of workers said the same, a sign that workers are broadening their job searches and repackaging themselves for employers."

    See complete article and survey results here...

  • ***Veterans Career Transition Project at Select Job Corps Centers*** - Don't stop telling your younger Veteran clients about the Job Corp Demo Project! From ETA, comes the following Training and Employment Notice:

    Purpose: To inform the public workforce system about the career transition pilot demonstration project available for Veterans, ages 20-24, at select Job Corps centers and to encourage eligible Veterans to access training opportunities at these sites. In the one-year demonstration project sponsored by the Employment and Training Administration (ETA), Office of Job Corps (OJC); and the Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS), Veterans receive training with an opportunity to earn a credential or certificate. Project participants receive a stipend, housing, meals, assistance with employment and postemployment support. This project is an important resource for Veterans transitioning from military service, who may have barriers to employment such as being at risk of homelessness, or lacking postsecondary credentials, and other young Veterans who need additional education and training. See complete notice.

  • Recent ASVET Testimony - Here's what ASVET Ray Jefferson told the Committee on Veterans Affairs recently:

    "Thank you for the opportunity to appear as a witness before the Committee and speak to you about Veterans' employment and what the Department of Labor's Veterans' Employment and Training Services (VETS) is doing to facilitate a smooth, efficient and effective transition of our Service Members and their families from the military into the civilian workforce.

    VETS' mission is to proudly serve Veterans and transitioning Service Members by providing resources and expertise to assist and prepare them to obtain meaningful careers, maximize their employment opportunities and protect their employment rights. We do that through the following four major programs that are an integral part of Secretary Solis's vision of "Good Jobs for Everyone:"

    The Jobs for Veterans State Grants (JVSG);
    The Transition Assistance Program Employment Workshops (TAP);
    The Homeless Veterans' Reintegration Program (HVRP); and
    The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)."
    ...Read full testimony

  • Hiring Veterans - A Toolkit for Employers - Check out this America's Heroes at Work site aimed at helping employers who want to launch an initiative to hire Veterans, transitioning Service Members and wounded warriors.


  • VETS NET Newsletter is Available! Click on the link to read the latest news and resources. VETS NET Newsletter


  • TAP Facilitator Slides Changed - Several of the PowerPoint slides for use in TAP workshops have been updated or modified. Go to the TAP Facilitator Network site to get the replacements of the following slides:

    Slide 20 – homeless Veterans stats updated
    Slide 25 - State Office of Veteran Affairs link to NASDVA updated
    Slide 64 – Salary Research, wageweb link removed
    Slide 66 – NASDVA link updated
    Slide 67 – Inactive links removed
    Slide 72 – federaljobsearch.com link changed to americajob.com
    Slide 74 – opm.gov/Veterans link changed to fedshirevets.gov
    Slide 111 – O*Net screen capture updated
    Slide 178 – Military Reservist Economic Injury Disaster link updated

  • Veterans Contacting NVTI Directly - At NVTI we've noticed a great number of Veterans directly contacting us for assistance. Is someone or many someones out there telling Veterans to contact NVTI for help? We are able to direct them to DVOP specialists and LVERs, but aren't able to help them with training or employment assistance. We hate to disappoint our Veterans!

  • NCHV Teleconference on Job Training and Placement for Women Vets Audio - On Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011, the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV) and the National Center on Family Homelessness (NCFH) held a teleconference on this topic called “Boots on the Ground.” The call focused on how service providers – specifically, how Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP) grantees serving homeless female Veterans and/or Veterans with families – and their employees can improve their military cultural competency and use it for effective recruitment and retention of women Veterans in job training and placement. Listen to the mp3 or access the PDF of the presentation here.

  • Grants for Reintegrating Ex-Offenders - Applications must be received by March 17, 2011, at 4 p.m. ET. The Department of Labor (DOL) announced the availability of approximately $11.7 million in grant funds to serve adult offenders who are returning from incarceration to high-poverty, high-crime communities. The purpose of these grants is to provide an employment-centered approach to reintegration that improves long-term labor market prospects for ex-offenders. DOL expects to award approximately 10 grants of approximately $1,170,000 each for a 27-month period of performance. Full solitication www.doleta.gov/grants/pdf/SGA-DFA-PY-10-10-2011.pdf

  • 20th Anniversary of Gulf War - On Feb. 23, the men and women of the Department of Veterans Affairs marked the 20th anniversary of the start of ground combat in the 1990-1991 Gulf War. Fighting ended 100 hours later after a U.S.-led coalition drove Iraqi forces from the small nation of Kuwait. “All Americans should be proud of the service and sacrifice of our Gulf War Veterans,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki. “They went to a foreign land, faced a well-armed aggressor and liberated an independent nation from occupation.”

  • Veterans Resource Book - You'll want to make copies of this great resource and give it to all your Veteran customers. This 45-page guide, based on a California EDD model, contains a broad base of information about benefits, education and other various programs for Veterans. Link to the resource item here.

  • Female Veterans Struggle to Find Jobs - A recent USA Today article further highlights the struggles of women Veterans to find stable employment. Link to the complete article here.

  • College Navigator for Researching Higher Ed - For your customers who want to utilize their Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits and are unsure of what various colleges and universities offer, have them check out the College Navigator site. It's a Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences effort which collects and analyzes data related to education in the U.S. Link to the site here.

  • Helpful Site for People with Disabilities - The Real Economic Impact (REI) site, a vision of the National Disability Institute, is a powerhouse of tools and strategies to advance the economic strength and security of people with disabilities. Check it out and bookmark this one!

  • Web Photos Revealing too Much About You? - The popularity of taking random photos and posting them to sites such as Facebook or Twitter may reveal more than you want. You may think twice about this action after you've read this article from the New York Times.

  • Latest VETS NET Available - The latest e-newsletter is ready and full of information you need to know! Have a read and then let us know what you think. January 2011 VETS NET

  • Information for Relocation - Your customers who want to relocate will appreciate the thorough information available at the City-Data.com site. A sample of the information available includes data about housing, population profiles, local government, employment and weather. Bookmark this one and share it!

  • "To Whom it May Concern" - Job seekers who use that phrase may find they aren't getting much response from potential employers. Is the phrase "To Whom it May Concern" still appropriate to use or is it old fashioned? Check out this article on The Work Buzz blog to get their point of view.

  • Unclaimed Money for Veterans - Money that is typically for life insurance policy pay-outs or dividend checks and premium refunds is going unclaimed by Veterans and their families. VA holds the money indefinitely when the payments cannot be delivered. To see if you or your family has any unclaimed money, check VA's website at https://insurance.va.gov/liability/ufsearch.htm.

  • Improvements to Post-9/11 GI Bill - To bring the educational benefits of the Post-9/11 GI Bill closer to more Veterans and Service Members, President Obama signed legislation that streamlines the 18-month-old education program administered by VA. See the press release and more details at the VA's website: http://www1.va.gov/opa/pressrel/pressrelease.cfm?id=2029

  • Military Veterans Numbers Drop in Congress - The ranks of military Veterans in Congress have shrunk to the smallest number since World War II, with barely 20 percent of the just-seated 112th Congress having first-hand experience in uniform. Out of the 535 members of the new Congress, just 25 in the Senate and 87 in the House have served in the active-duty or reserve forces. Compare that to 1969, when 75 percent of those in Congress had served. Critics say the loss of the perspective brought by those who have military experience is damaging to policymaking, particularly when the nation is engaged in two complex wars.

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