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NVTI Training Solutions provides a multitude of adult professional skill development courses that are tailored to meet the needs of employment and transition service personnel. All courses can be delivered in your state, as part of conferences, meetings or they can be conducted as stand-alone offerings.

VETS Staff:  Please refer to VPL_06-09.

For more information including course availability, please contact Joe Lasky or Terry Hughes, 303-315-2200.

All of the below costs do not include costs associated with participant travel, participant meals, participant hotel sleeping rooms, equipment rental or meeting room space. An extra per participant materials/manual charge will be added for classes over 25 participants.

Course Length     Tuition and Instructor Travel Costs
     1 Day     0$8,000
     1.5 Days     $12,000
     2 Days     $16,000
     2.5 Days     $20,000
     3 Days     $24,000
     3.5 Days     $28,000
     4 Days     $32,000
     4.5 Days     $36,000

Staff Development

True Colors Personal Success Workshop

Tuition Price: $8,000
Course Length: 1 day

Millions of people worldwide have gone through a shift in thinking that has improved their lives and enhanced their professional and personal relationships. A True Colors Personal Success Workshop is an introduction to an easy and highly effective communication tool.

Are you a gold, blue, orange or green? True Colors is the originator of using colors to represent the four personality styles. Workshops are based on true principles of human behavior, presented in a simple and fun format. Key benefits include: 

  • Understanding and appreciating characteristics of self and others
  • Recognizing the values, joys, and strengths of ourselves and others
  • Reducing potential conflict and frustration
  • Building and promoting self-esteem, respect and confidence
  • Deepening relationships and creating a more harmonious environment
  • Enhancing communications skills
  • Working better together

When you know what your core values and needs are, and feel good about them, you can perform at your highest potential. And when you share a working, mutual understanding of others’ core values and needs, you have the basis to communicate and achieve common goals with the utmost dignity and respect.

True Colors has been empowering individuals and organizations to succeed for over twenty-five years. Now it’s your turn!

Dimensions of Diversity
Tuition Price: $8,000
Course Length:  1 day

What makes us different from one another can either help us connect or can tear us apart. Effective diversity training does not seek to replace individual belief systems; rather it helps people develop an understanding of one’s self and one another that leads to increased respect, cooperation, and productivity.

The framework is set to bring people together who might otherwise be separated by cultural barriers or belief systems. Let’s shatter those old views and put into practice a new level of respect, caring and civility for an amazing workplace culture.

Unsure how to accomplish this? We’ll guide you through activities designed to identify biases in a non-threatening environment and help you implement strategies to support internal and external customer service while enhancing interpersonal workplace relationships.

Workplace utopia doesn’t exist, but we can almost guarantee you’ll see positive changes in your professional atmosphere which can’t help but transfer over into all aspects of your daily lives.

Funtastic Facilitation 2.0 – Taking it to the Next Level

Tuition Price: $28,000
Course Length:  3 and ½ days.

Whether you conduct training, do presentations or facilitate meetings in your career, this training will improve your performance/results. Participants explore interactive learning methods and practice incorporating engaging activities into any type of group environment. This “train-the-facilitator” course is designed to provide an opportunity to practice new skills and techniques in a classroom environment. This session can be tailored to beginning presenters, or for seasoned facilitators who want to captivate audience attention. No matter your proficiency level at the beginning of the session, you will pick up new ideas and skills to “take it to the next level.”

Generational Differences @ Work
Tuition Price: $8,000
Course Length:  1 day

Recent data from the Department of Labor indicates there are now an unprecedented five generations in the workplace today! Between the Silent Generation, Boomers (two groups --early and late stage), Generation X and Generation Y groups sometimes it may feel as though no one speaks the same language.

How can you capitalize on the strengths and perspectives of each group to form a cohesive, inclusive team? We’ll explore promising practices that can help you make the most of the unique attributes of each generation and preserve the assets each brings to the workforce.

Understanding generational difference in the workplace is important because every generation wants to feel included. The feeling of inclusion and camaraderie can be diminished when personalities don't seem to mesh because of different life perspectives. Join us in this journey of bringing all the “gens” together for a more harmonious work environment!

Case Management/Special Populations

Case Management Training (multiday design)

Tuition Price: Depends on course Length:  1 day up to 4 day training session

Description:  covers the case management process, to include assessment, note taking, confronting tough issues, documentation, goal setting, networking, individual development plans and follow-up.

Alternative Job Placement Strategies and Disability Awareness
Tuition Price: $8,000
Course Length:  1 day

Description:  The course focuses on the needs and concerns of individuals with a disability (concentrating on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Amputations, and Deafness) transitioning from the military and alternative strategies for helping these and other populations get employment. The class is given examples of job proposals, and how to approach employers as business people who are always looking at a better way to do business that result in a better bottom line. 

Job Coaching for the Offender Population (JCOP)

Tuition Price: $8,000
Course Length:  1 day

Description: Focuses on working with formerly incarcerated veterans in helping them find employment through job coaching, retention and placement. The course is designed for anyone who works with formerly incarcerated individuals in helping them find employment. 

Job Search Assistance

Developing the Career Readiness Coach
Tuition Price: $28,000
Course Length:  3 and 1/2 days

Description:  This course will provide the foundation of an effective Career Readiness Coach by teaching the following objectives:

At the end of this training participants will be able to:

  • Explain how career theory benefits a job seeker
  • Interpret a formal assessment instrument for the job seeker
  • Develop an informal assessment tool for the job seeker
  • Practice tried and true one-on-one facilitation skills that will help the job seeker improve his/her communication skills
  • Interpret and extrapolate local Labor Market Information data using a practice exercise
  • Apply established methods for utilizing social media
  • Design and develop a standard resume template using established resume writing principles
  • Practice answering difficult interview questions using the four stages of the interview process
  • Develop an awareness regarding employee retention using the employer’s perspective as the basis for establishing work ethic skills

This course is interactive and driven toward helping the career coach become the premier applicant mentor in your office.

Effective Business Outreach Strategies
Tuition Price: $8,000
Course Length:  1 day

This seminar is designed from the perspective of businesses and their hiring needs.  The seminar will begin with an understanding of how hiring authorities find job candidates and fill position openings in the hidden job market.  By the end of the training, each participant will have the knowledge to incorporate top skill sets used by the most successful job developers.  They will leave with proven techniques for expanding their network and positioning themselves as a valued hiring resource.  Practical applications include   telephone presentations for an initial contact, the use of e-mail as a communication tool, creating powerful follow-ups and handling objections.      

Federal Hiring and Application Process

Tuition Price: $8,000
Course Length:  1 day

Description: The Federal employment workshop covers topics such as ways to get a job with the federal government (Veterans Preference, Special Hiring Authorities for Veterans, the Veterans Employment and Opportunity Act) and how to apply – USA Jobs and other methods.  The session explores merit promotion, special appointing authorities and competitive examining to include veteran point preferences.  Hands-on exercises on compiling a certification and scoring using veteran preference are also included.  In addition, application procedures and KSAs are also discussed.

Principles of Applications and Resume Development

Tuition Price: $8,000
Course Length:  1 day.

Resumes: This segment capitalizes on key guidelines for resume composition.  It allows those who facilitate resume writing to enhance their writing techniques while addressing those skills that employers most desire.  Additionally resume pitfalls are explored.  Also includes a section on on-line resumes and a resume critique form.

Applications: Discussion in this workshop focuses on the various methods of application submission from paper applications to electronic and kiosk systems.  The workshop discusses what employers are looking for in an application and guidelines for completing applications.  For most employment representatives, applications aren’t difficult until a person presents with a tough history to document in the application format.  These histories include things such as military backgrounds, salary requirements, references, gaps in work history and a criminal record.   These topics are explored in this session.

Ultimate Job Search for the 21st Century Training

Facilitating Effective Job Search Workshops – Moving Beyond the Traditional Approach
Tuition Price: $20,000
Course Length:  2 ½ days

Description: This train-the-trainer course in how to utilize the “Ultimate Job Search for the 21st Century” DVD series and workbook in a job search workshop setting.  This course provides numerous inventive and exciting training techniques, offering new ways in delivering content in your current job search workshops.  This workshop discusses the use of games, interactivity, group dynamics, audio/visuals, workbook interactivity, etc. when covering subjects such as interviewing, resume writing, networking, social media, and several other facets of job search workshops. 

This is designed for facilitators who currently train job search workshops and desire to add inventive techniques to their current subjects.  This is also excellent for facilitators who have the UJS series and want to discover new ideas of how it could be presented in a classroom environment.  There are vast methods of utilizing this series – this course uncovers several of those ideas.   

Veteran Specific Topics

Leadership for the Integration of Veteran Services (LIVS) *UPDATED*

Tuition Price: $20,000
Course Length:  2 1/2 days

Description:  The Leadership for the Integration of Veteran Services course focuses on the roles of LVERs and DVOPs based on refocusing efforts.  Key topics include priority of service, integration and measurement tools.  The training is aimed at individuals who are partners with Veteran staff, and those who supervise the Veterans Program Staff.

Participants for this course could include:

  • VETS staff
  • State VETS coordinators
  • State Employment and Training Directors
  • Area Managers
  • Local Office Managers and Supervisors
  • Anyone who is responsible for LVER/DVOP program responsibilities

DVOP Specialist Update Training

Tuition Price:  $12,000
Course Length:  1 1/2 days

Description: Participants will:

• Expand their Intensive Service toolkit and thus their ability to assist veterans with to significant barriers to employment (SBE).
• Gain knowledge of strategies for conducting outreach through veteran-serving organizations to encourage more veterans with SBEs to utilize American Job Centers (AJC).

• Explore the most recent guidance on roles and responsibilities of DVOP Specialists and strategies for improving collaboration and integration of JVSG staff within their American Job Center (AJC).

LVER Update Training

Tuition Price:  $12,000
Course Length:  1 1/2 days

Description: Participants will:

• Practice using outreach strategies and tools for working with employer groups and individual employers to promote the employment of veterans.

• Explore the most recent guidance on roles and responsibilities of LVERs and strategies for improving collaboration and integration of JVSG staff within their American Job Center (AJC).

• Learn about capacity-building tools the LVER can use to enhance the ability of non-JVSG staff to serve job-seeking veterans without significant barriers to employment.

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