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Homeless Veterans' Initiatives
VA Focuses on Women Veterans
Links Between Single TBI and Alzheimers Noted
Changes to 9/11-GI Bill
$30 Million Partnership to Improve Vets' Access to Jobs
Profile: Sandra Thébaud
Ultimate Job Search and QR Codes
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Ultimate Job Search and QR Codes

Do you know what a QR code is? And what could it have to do with the National Learning Center's (NLC) Ultimate Job Search (UJS) for the 21st Century series?

Quick response (QR) codes are the odd, blurry boxes that have started showing up more and more on everything from product packaging, company business cards and mail promotional materials. They are essentially easily scannable information barcodes. All you do is point your camera at the image and receive a message, website, or other information right to your smartphone or computer. A free QR reader is required to read the image.

And how is UJS connected here? In September, at this year's Colorado Society for Human Resource Management conference, NLC staffers will use the progressive marketing tool to inform a broader audience about the Ultimate Job Search package and other NLC training opportunities.

The Ultimate Job Search has now become one of the most utilized job search programs in the United States. From job search workshops, TAP seminars to individual job development this DVD and workbook has helped thousands of job seekers. Order yours today!

Below is a sample QR code for you to try:



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